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Check Out WWR's Booth at MDM and Meet our SMEs

By Julie Glaubach | Wounded Warrior Regiment | September 18, 2018


Wounded Warrior Regiment (WWR) boasts a staff of many experts in the field of warrior care, leading the way for the last decade. In fact, many refer to the Marine Corps model as the gold standard for non-medical care coordination, and our staff continue to live up to that expectation. One of our longest serving civilians, Mr. Dean Trio, was recently awarded the Marine Corps Association & Foundation (MCA&F) Civilian of the Year during the annual Wounded Warrior Leadership Awards Dinner. He stands out among of a group of remarkable awardees for his unfailing dedication and quiet resolve to support Marines.  

Mr. Trio has served as the WWR's Medical Evaluation Board/ Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer since June 2008 and worked with the joint DoD/VA Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) to identify flaws in design and processes. His tireless efforts exposed several systemic flaws in the IDES process, which impacted more than 2,100 Marines. His wealth of knowledge is captured in a pocket guide he authored that is available for Marines to reference when facing the IDES process.

Mr. Trio provides trainings to large-scale audiences as well as an individual staff members with a quick question, delivering detailed information related to the IDES process, key actors and their roles, services Marines should expect, and ways to contribute to the process. Perhaps more notably, he spends countless hours helping individual Marines and their families navigate this complicated and life-altering process. For years, he has been a single source of reprieve for those impacted by a career-ending wound, illness or injury as they plan their financial future.

His constant attention and personal interaction with those affected by the IDES process led Mr. Trio to recognize gaps in vital information on post service benefits and support offered through the Sgt. Merlin German Wounded Warrior Call Center. As a result, WWR developed a library of fact sheets, staff training products, online training products, and other tools to ensure all veteran, reserve, and active duty Marines have access to up-to-date information regardless of geographic location. WWR is fortunate to have the expertise and dedication of Mr. Dean Trio.

If you or someone you know may need his support, he will be available to answer questions and provide support at the WWR booth at Modern Day Marine, September 26, 2018 from noon to 3 p.m.

Come out and visit WWR's booth (3432) to learn more about WWR and how we serve wounded, ill, and injured Marines, Sailors, and their families.

To learn more about this year's Modern Day Marine Event, visit: https://www.marinemilitaryexpos.com/modern-day-marine/home/

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