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All Marines who qualify for the assistance of a Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) will develop a Comprehensive Recovery Plan (CRP). This plan is a roadmap for recovery – identifying goals and the steps necessary to reach those goals. These steps are the basis for the Marine’s daily activities while assigned to a Wounded Warrior Regiment element or in their personal efforts while remaining with their parent unit.

Marines may be assigned to the WWR in several ways: through the WWR operations center’s daily monitoring of personnel casualty reports, a medical officer’s recommendation, or a unit commander’s recommendation. The WWR staff will assist Marines who are receiving support for their recovery through four specific lines of operation (LOO): mind, body, spirit and family. They will also provide medical advocacy and administrative support.

The Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration Process

The goal of the recovery process is to establish a meaningful life path, reinforced by mental, moral, and physical strength and courage; and achievable goals for the future that afford quality of life and financial stability.

Lines of Operation Process


Lines of Operation (Mind, Body, Spirit, and Family)

The Mind LOO aims to develop Marines who possess increased sharpness of the mind; memory, focus, concentration, understanding, and an increased ability to learn and comprehend. These are achieved through:

  • Access to college courses and vocational training programs
  • On the job training and internships
  • Professional military education

The Body LOO aims to develop Marines who possess a foundation for health, physical fitness, and longevity in life as a productive and contributing member of society. The following efforts are used:

  • Physical fitness
  • Medical/physical therapy
  • Diet/ nutrition education
  • Competition (Warrior Athlete Reconditioning Program (WAR-P))

The Spirit LOO aims to develop Marines who are content with life, have balance and control, positive relationships, a sense of purpose and meaning to life, acceptance and growth with challenges in life, and experiencing a connection with a power greater than oneself. The WWR works through:

  • Religious Programs
  • Behavioral health
  • Extension outreach (FOCUS, Semper Fi Odyssey, Mighty Oaks, etc.)
  • Community outreach opportunities

The Family LOO seeks to establish a family that is committed and in a safe and appreciative environment, filled with spiritual well-being, resilient coping skills, shared responsibilities, redefined roles and open communication. These goals are approached through:

  • Religious Programs
  • Behavioral health
  • Family readiness programs

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