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Your Health
Learn about different programs to assist you in your recovery and what happens during the disability evaluation system process.


WWR supports WII Marines’ well-being through programs addressing health needs of all types: mind, body, spirit, and family. Marines whose recovery needs require a full-time focus may reside at one of the two Warrior Hope and Care Centers. These centers are campus-style environments located at Camp Pendleton, California and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. They provide a single location for services, including counseling, physical therapy, education, and training.



In addition to the expertise and support of care team members, Marines have access to the WWR’s medical section. The section consists of the regiment surgeon, regiment nurse, mental health advisor, psychological health program coordinator and several clinical care advocates (CCAs).

The medical section advises WWR and Marine commands regarding medical issues, emerging technologies and treatments impacting WII Marines, with emphasis on the invisible wounds of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and combat stress.

Clinical care advocates also support individual Marines through case review, medical advocacy, and care coordination. CCAs work closely with the Marine Intercept Program and other Marine and Family programs to ensure all available support is offered to Marines in need. All Marines, whether assigned to a WWR asset or not, can receive medical section support.



Understanding the diverse needs of the Marine population it serves, WWR offers a spectrum of programs to assist in recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. The table below details the various assets available to Marines, all of which can be accessed through a Marine’s assigned RCC or by calling the Sergeant Merlin German Wounded Warrior Call Center at 1-877-487-6299.









Charitable Organizations


Several national non-profit organizations plan and fund events, such as fishing or hunting expeditions, to support healing and recovery of wounded, ill or injured servicemembers.

Request through your Section Leader or RCC. Contact for more information.

Family Support Staff


Family Readiness Officers (FROs) are members of the unit who provide oversight and coordination of all aspects of family support that impact the well-being and resiliency of Marines and their families.


IDES Attorney Program

Navy and Marine Corps Disability Attorneys can assist you throughout theIDES/ Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) process.


For more information visit the WWR IDES toolkit.

Medical Section


Advocacy, care coordination, educational outreach and collaboration with public/ private providers (military treatment facilities, Marine Corps Community Service Programs, Veterans Administration,civilian programs, social service agencies and charitable organizations) to ensure the best care forWII Marines and their families.

To contact the Medical Section ( or for a referral: Medical Section Referral Form


Religious Ministry Services


Promotes healing and enhances spiritual fitness through all phases of the recovery process by
offering pastoral counseling, direct religious provision, and training and study opportunities to assist in the development of an enduring spirit, a strong sense of well-being and a foundation of hope and joy.

WWR Chaplain: 703-432-1878

Wounded Warrior BN East: 910-376-2409

Wounded Warrior BN West: 760-763-6320

Reserve Medical Entitlements Determination Section


Oversees all cases of wounded, ill and injured Marine reservists who require medical care beyondthe duty period for service-incurred ailments.

For more information, check out the reserve support page.

Transition Program


Coordinates and facilitates internships and job opportunities for those who will be leaving active duty.

For more information, check out the transition page.

Warrior Athlete Reconditioning Program



The Warrior Athlete Reconditioning Program (WAR-P) provides opportunities for wounded, ill, and injured Marines to engage in both physical and cognitive activities outside the traditional therapy setting.

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