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Caregivers and family members carry an enormous burden as they support their recovering Marine while maintaining the home, providing for children, working, managing finances and completing most all tasks that arise. Opportunities to relax and care for yourself are not easy to find but essential to the health and wellbeing of the whole family. There are resources just for caregivers and family members to help reduce stress.   

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Peer 2 Peer

Organized sessions for military caregivers to share information.

Exceptional Family Member Program(EFMP)

Works with military families with special needs to address their unique considerations.


Provides rest for the primary caregiver.


Provides resiliency training to military children and families


Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Allows up to 26 weeks during a single 12 month period to care for RSM.

Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation(CREDO) Programs

Marriage enrichment program.

  • CREDO, which stands for Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation, provides free weekend getaways to help service members and their families develop support resources for personal and spiritual growth.
  • The USMC ORDER on the CREDO Program for your reference:
    (860) 694-1144
  • Learn about the different CREDO retreats.

Peer 2 Peer Forums

Find out more about Personalized Experiences, Engagements, and Resources (PEER) forum dates.
Learn more here.



Learn about the Chaplain Religious Enrichment Development Operation(CREDO). CREDO strives to strengthen spiritual well-being and individual resilience through workshops and retreats for service members, civilians, and families. Learn more at MCCS Quantico about specific services.



Find out more about Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS) and resiliency training to military children and families.  Learn more at