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Families & Caregivers

The Marine Corps care model is for recovering Marines to stay with their units as long as the unit can support their medical and recovery needs. The resources and expertise of the Wounded Warrior Regiment are available to those Marines, families and command leadership through the regiment call center and Battalion contact centers. There are a wide variety of programs available through the Marine Corps, Veterans Affairs, and other entities to assist caregivers and family members in managing the recovery and transition of their loved one.

The Wounded Warrior Regiment supports Marines and their families who are wounded, ill or injured, whether incurred in combat or not, through two battalions: Wounded Warrior Battalion-East, Camp Lejeune, NC; and Wounded Warrior Battalion-West, Camp Pendleton, CA. These battalions operate detachments in the United States, Germany and Japan to support the needs of recovering Marines. Those Marines, with the most complicated needs, can be assigned to one of the Wounded Warrior Regiment's elements.

Wounded Warrior Battalion - West

Wounded Warrior Battalion-West, headquartered at Camp Pendleton, CA has a family support coordinator available to assist the families of Marines located within their area of responsibility, which is west of the Mississippi River, including Hawaii and Okinawa.

WWBn-West Contact Center | Available 0730-1600 (M-F)

Ph: 888-738-7044 | 760-763-9067 | 760-763-6689 | 760-769-6793 

Wounded Warrior Battalion - East

Wounded Warrior Battalion-East, headquartered at Camp Lejeune, NC, has a family support coordinator available to assist the families of Marines located within their area of responsibility, which is east of the Mississippi, including Texas and Germany.

WWBn-East Contact Center | Available 0730-1600 (M-F)

Ph: 910-451-1202 | 910-451-4812 | 910-449-9573

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