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When embarking on the road to recovery, it is difficult to know what you may need months or years from now. Many resources are available to Marines and families as well as veterans and their families. 

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Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)

Summary of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System


Available counseling for Marines and family members

  • Community Counseling Program (CCP) equips Marines and families with the skills to address life’s challenges before there is significant impact to performance in their duties and relationships.
  • MCCS family advocacy support
  • Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) are experienced behavioral health professionals who work with Marines and their families to address deployment, return and reunion issues as well as other stressors that impact a Marine’s daily life.
  • Family violence - Recognize the warning signsKnow how to report. Understand what resources are available.
  • Don't let stress get the best of you. Use these resources to learn how to manage those things life throws at you.
  • Suicide Prevention: Marines, Sailors, and their families may access help directly through Community Counseling Center.
  • For 24-hour victim advocacy helpline: Call 703-350-1688 for more information. 
  • For the child abuse/neglect hotline in Viriginia call 1-800-522-7096 for out-of-state call 804-786-8536

Child Care

Child care services and counseling for families of RSMs.

Retirement Benefits

Locations for veterans, service members, and families to research, find, and access their benefits.


Helps parents develop skills to provide a nurturing environment

Casualty Assistance and Surviving Loss

Compensation and survivor benefits

  • Through the Casualty Assistance Program, the Department of Defense ensures that military families have support in their time of need and that they understand all of the benefits and other forms of assistance available to them.