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Reserve Medical Entitlements Determination Program

The Reserve Medical Entitlements Determination Program (RMED), on behalf of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, serves as the Benefits Issuing Authority for all Reserve Component (RC) Marines injured while in a duty status. As the BIA, RMED:

  • Is the approval authority for all Medical Hold and Line of Duty (LOD) benefits requests via the Marine Corps Medical Entitlements Data System (MCMEDS).

  • Ensures policy and programmatic execution compliance with DODI 1241.01 and SECNAVINST 1770.5. 

  • Supervises the management of all Medical Hold and LOD benefits cases via MCMEDS.

Eligibility for Benefits:
  1. Medical Hold:

    • RC Marine on active duty orders for greater than 30 days.

    • Incurs injury or illness that is duty limiting.

    • Injury/illness not due to misconduct or gross negligence.

    • Member elects to remain on orders in order to engage care.

  2. Line of Duty Medical/Dental & Incapacitation Pay Benefits:

    • RC Marine on IDT, AT, ADOS for 30 days or less who incur or aggravate an injury in the line of duty

      1. or traveling to or from such duties.

      2. or while remaining overnight immediately before the commencement of such duties.

      3. or between successive periods of such duty.

      4. or active duty for > 30 days who elect to demobilize in lieu of Medical Hold.

      5. Officer Candidates injured while attending OCS may also request LOD Benefits.

    • Incurs injury or illness caused by service that requires medical care, dental care, or incapacitation pay.

    • Injury/illness is not due to misconduct or gross negligence.

Resource Links:
  • MCMEDS:*

*If you have trouble accessing MCMEDS, contact your drill manager for help 

RMED Contact Information

Administrative Review Team:


Medical Review Team: