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Some Marines will be unable to care for themselves, requiring the constant support of a caregiver. Others physical needs may be less substantial, but all Marines will benefit from the emotional and physical support of family and friends. There are benefits available to help Marines and family members adjust to a new life after recovering from a wound, illness or injury.

Benefit Related Links


Wounded warriors and their families can apply and track benefits offered by VA and DoD by using Benefits

Apply, track, and explore your healthcare benefits: eBenefits


Invitational Travel Orders (ITOs) /Non Medical Attendant (NMA)

Travel orders/pay for caregivers.

   Read the Invitational Travel Orders Guide

VA Housing

Loan Guarantee

Learn more about home loans and eligibility for home loans

VA Adaptation

Adaptive auto support

VA may provide financial assistance in purchasing adaptive equipment more than once. This benefit is payable to either the seller or the Veteran or Servicemember.


Job Skills Training

Provides a spouse job training

Educational Benefits

Post 9/11 transfer

Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL)

Special compensation to assist in the economic burden borne by caregivers of RSMs.


Veteran Affairs Support

Federal Recovery Coordination (FRC) program, OIF/OEF Coordinators


Emergency financial assistance to RSMs who suffer traumatic injuries on and off duty.