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2018 Marine Corps Trials

The 8th annual Marine Corps Trials, hosted by the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, will take place at Camp Lejeune, N.C., March 15-24, 2018. This is the first year the event is being held at Camp Lejeune.

The Marine Corps Trials is an adaptive sports event involving more than 200 wounded, ill or injured Marines, Sailors, veterans and international competitors. Participation in the Marine Corps Trials is open to recovering service members and veterans of all skill levels. Organized into three competing teams, participants represent Wounded Warrior Battalion-East, Wounded Warrior Battalion-West, and an international team of wounded warriors.

The Marine Corps Trials promotes recovery and rehabilitation through adaptive sports participation and develops camaraderie among recovering service members and veterans. It is as an opportunity for recovering service members to demonstrate their achievements and serves as the primary venue to select Marine Corps participants for the DoD Warrior Games.

Participants will have the opportunity to compete in archery, cycling, field, rowing, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, track, and wheelchair basketball. More than 40 coaches will be on hand to train and coach the participants. The event will also feature a wheelchair rugby exhibition and a military transition-related event.

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