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As a United States Marine Corps command, our requirements are met by higher headquarters. However, the public’s overwhelming desire to give back to the Marines who have given so much led to establishment of the Charitable Organization Program. The Charitable Organization Program serves as the point-of-contact and clearinghouse for those seeking to donate to the Department of the Navy Gift Fund. The steps below do not serve as a solicitation for gifts as this is prohibited by law. These steps are for informational purposes only to assist those who wish to make a donation.

The Charitable Organization program also coordinates the distribution of donations, including organizing events, such as fishing and hunting trips, funding through charitable donations. While general donations to WWR are used to assist all WII Marines and their families, donors may also designate donations for specific needs or sections such as recreational therapy, family support, child care, or a specific hospital or battalion. For additional guidance on charitable donations, please contact us. If there is something you wish to donate to our wounded, ill or injured warriors, please follow the options below:

Donating by Check

If you would like the option to donate through our printable sheet, please fill out the WWR Donations Sheet. Instructions are provided in the WWR Donation Sheet on how to submit your request to WWR.

Please be advised that it may take (four to six weeks to process new donors and donations under $5,000). For donations over $5,000, please allow up to 12 weeks to route your donations through our Legal & Ethical Reviews. Providing supporting documentation may reduce the processing timeline. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about in-kind donations. You may contact us by email at: or 703-432-1969 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your generous support.

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 Hosting an event?


If your organization would like to host an event, fill out the gift information sheet to submit your request. 

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